Monday, April 18, 2016

Is This Person Right for Your Company?

It represents one of the most important decisions a company will make – should we hire or not hire this person. Bringing the right person on board goes a long way towards growth and value for any company. So how can you tell if you have the right person? You can start by comparing the person against your culture since this represents an immediate show-stopper. If the person doesn’t fit your culture, then the person is most likely not a good fit for the long-run.

Think of culture as how work gets done in combination with acceptable and unacceptable behavior within a company. This includes values and policies that people follow in the workplace. And every company has a culture which may or may not fit with the person you are interviewing.

For example, the Military has a control authority type culture that requires order. A free entrepreneurial spirit will not fit vs. someone who respects authority and believes in the mission of the organization. A collaborative sharing type culture requires someone who can work well with others. You want to recruit people who enjoy working in team environments. A highly introverted person may not fit with this environment. Some companies have cultures based on high standards of excellence. These companies usually excel at producing high quality products and services. You will need people who pay attention to details and the quality of what is delivered to the customer. Software companies tend to have these types of cultures. Or perhaps your company has a culture where you want to change the world – Google and Apple. You will want someone less analytical and more creative who sees the bigger picture.

Once you get past the culture fit question, then look for someone who has characteristics common for those who have been successful within your company. For most companies, these include:

  • Action Oriented – The person is motivated and takes the initiative when given a job

  • Decisive – The candidate demonstrates the ability to reach conclusions and makes a decision in a timely manner

  • Resiliency – The person has endured through change and bounces back from failure

  • Flexibility – The person can adapt to changes in work, location and organization

  • Follow Through – Once the person has a green light to act, they follow through to completion with minimal supervision or intervention

  • Learning – The person is always in learning mode, growing their knowledge and remaining highly employable

Companies that get it right in hiring usually put emphasis on the interview over the resume. For example, Google takes the recruitment process very seriously, subjecting candidates to numerous interviews. The hiring decision comes from a consensus per multiple viewpoints, ensuring that the right hiring decision is made. The interview is the key in how you ultimately hire the right person.

Interviews should ask candidates about how they applied their experience in real world situations. Ask the person to give examples of how they used their skills to solve problems. In some cases, you should include simulations where you ask the candidate to resolve a situation. Some companies use assessments to help gain insights into a person’s strengths and weaknesses.

Open ended questions that require an explanation are usually more insightful than Yes or No type questions. Make sure the candidate provides a complete response to your questions. And don’t forget that talent can sometimes override experience. If you are lucky enough to stumble upon a great talent that doesn’t have the right experience, then you should consider finding a place for this person since these diamonds will translate into value for your company and they are rare to find.

A final point concerns referrals. Referrals can help reduce your risk during the recruitment process since your own employees are recommending someone as a potential good fit. This article has touched on some key points that you should consider in your hiring practices. This is one of the most important business decisions a company makes and it should be taken very seriously. By putting emphasis on the interview process using different people and techniques, you will increase your chances of bringing the right person on board.

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